Shotbox 2009 wrap up

We had a great time being involved in Shotbox this year. Hopefully Shotbox will be back next year. Take time to fill out this survey and let us know what you thought of Shotbox. Tell us what your favorite cakes were and what you’d like to see us do if Shotbox reopens. If you are […]

Shotbox Monday 12/21

The last three days of ShotBox are upon us.  Come out, get some great coffee and espresso and chase it with a nice cup of cake.  For today we have two of our most popular cakes: chocolate stout cake with miso caramel or chocolate stout cake with candied habanero buttercream filled with ganache and Patron. […]

Shotbox Late Night Saturday 12/19

For tonight’s late night hours at ShotBox Ty asked for something laden with alcohol. We respond with the following cupped cake: Chocolate cake filled with chocolate Bailey’s buttercream topped with a vodka and coffee liqueur chocolate ganache buttercream. There is so much alcohol in this cake that you will need a cup of the best […]

Press Release from Gamila re: Brand Fandango 8

Shop Brand Fandango on the Final Friday Before the Holidays! Joins us December 18 to do your shopping on the Final Friday before the holidays… Come see new inventory and new artists. See kiddy kimono’s from Caitlin Cary, Jewel boxes by Julie Olson, quilts by Judy Hamrick and restock items from all our vendors. if […]

Brand Fandango 8: round 2

Brand Fandango 8 is having it’s second December opening this Friday 12/18 DesignBox (323 W. Martin). Come out see the new artists and buy some gifts for people you might or might not like. ShotBox will be open serving the best cups of coffee, chocolate, and cakes from Crumb! Stay tuned for more info.

Indepenent Weekly article

This week Crumb and ShotBox got a great mention in the Independent Weekly. The article is quoted below: “Cups of cake” at new Shotbox 16 DEC 2009 •  by Victoria Bouloubasis   Life imitates art, right? Inspired by performance art, a trifecta of Raleigh foodies has unveiled an art exhibit turned cupcake and coffee bar […]

Late Night at Shotbox

A reminder: ShotBox is open late nights on Friday and Saturday from 10pm – 2am. Come by for cups of coffee and cake.  Tonight we are featuring the Coconut cup, the Little Lebowski Urban Achievers (and proud we are of all of them), and the Chocolate Orange, orange cake with chocolate ganache filling topped with […]

Wednesday’s ShotBox menu

New today at ShotBox: The super: The classic yellow cake with chocolate ganache buttercream $4 The superduper: In tribute to one of our favorite movies, the Little Lebowski Urban Achiever. Chocolate cake filled with a vodka/coffee ganache, topped with a buttercream brimming with vodka and coffee liquor. $6 Little Lebowski Urabn Achievers The ubersuperduper: (from […]

Grace reviews Shotbox

Grace, the daughter of @dgtlpapercuts, reviews hot chocolate from Shotbox with vegetarian marshmallow by Crumb and one of our cups of cake, a chocolate cake with caramel filling, ganache, and French sea salt.  This girl has a future in the review business.  Someone call Frank Bruni at the New York Times and tell him we […]

Shotbox: Opening Night

Friday December 4 was the grand opening of Shotbox in conjunction with the opening of Brand Fandango 8 at DesignBox.  Crowds were estimated by Ty to be in the neighborhood of 500. Crumb was there watching all the people and slinging cupcakes as fast as people could eat them. A few photos from the evening: […]