Escazu + Crumb + Bourbon, how could that not be good?



Back in April, we were approached on Twitter by a customer who wanted a special cake for the Kentucky Derby. Camille’s only requirement was that the cake must contain chocolate, ginger, lime, and bourbon.  We made Camille one hell of a cake and she was a very happy camper. (You can see a picture of her half eaten cake on our Facebook page under Photos by Others.) We made this cake (without limes) a little while later as a personal cake for those awesome people at Escazu and now we’re going to make the cake for you!. The cake will be a chocolate stout cake made with Escazu’s 65% chocolate and Fullsteam’s Hogwash (because it sounds like a good excuse for us to drink a pint), fresh candied ginger, and vanilla infused bourbon. The cake will be available by the slice on Thursday 9/2 at noon.


Escazu Artisan Chocolates is located at 936 N. Blount St. Raleigh, NC 27604. There is a map here. Follow Escazu on Twitter and Facebook.


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